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I am a recently retired healthcare professional Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D), through education and training. I am an all-around Renaissance man and a ‘jack-of-all trades,’ BUT unlike the saying, I am actually a master of way more than NONE!


I have seemingly done it all: owned my own pharmacy, member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and appeared on network prime-time TV, mid-career change from practicing Pharmacy moving to the “Money-Side” of healthcare with a Finance/Revenue Cycle emphasis and have been doing that for the last 25+ years.


I also established my own healthcare Revenue Cycle/Chargemaster consulting company, drove turbocharged Formula Renault race-cars in Europe, a consultant in the Middle East (Qatar) for 18 months, and started an own online performance auto parts company.


I have vacationed in Bali, traveled all over Europe numerous times, was retained as a ‘subject matter expert’ (SME) pharmacy consultant and traveled to China to provide expertise on a proposed vitamin supplement manufacturing company. Accomplished these highlights and a few more, ALL during my  ‘normal’ working years doing my ‘normal’ working job functions.


One day, after arriving at the office, I was ‘slapped in the face’ with a reality check. I was greeted as I arrived, led to a room, then unceremoniously told I was “laid off immediately”  from my corporate Chargemaster (CDM)/Revenue Cycle management position. At that time, I was responsible for ALL 19 hospitals  of a rapidly growing hospital management company (Prime Healthcare, Inc.), here in Southern California. Then, I was shown to the door and home I went!


As you will see, this turned out to be the BEST THING that could have happened to me at that time!


I had nowhere to go and didn’t know what to do next. There was NOT enough money in the bank and NO savings account. The unemployment money was a welcome help, but even with receiving the maximum allowable payments each month, I was still short on rent money and had NO other source of income.


Believe me, I was as lost as I am sure many of you over 50 are today as you read this. I racked my brain trying to figure things out. I was lost, really ‘pissed-off’  and angry at the world! How did this happen? What did I do to deserve this? I am going to get them back!!


Plus, many more and diverse thoughts were running through my head. I tried old friends and former associates for job leads, help wanted pages, online job boards, etc. I had very serious thoughts of just giving up, screw everything & everybody and just live in my car with my two cats and do nothing!


Then one day, things started to fall into place a little. Through my diligence, I secured a per diem consulting job in the same field, which helped some with rent and food. Then one day, I started getting phone calls from a foreign phone number that I didn’t recognize, so I didn’t answer the call.


Over the next few weeks, I received numerous calls from the same number. Finally, my curiosity got to me and I answered the call. It turned out to be a guy calling from Dubai, asking me if I had ever thought about working in the Middle East.


To tell you the truth, visiting the Middle East was never even a remote thought,  let alone a bucket list item! Long story short, we talked numerous times over the next weeks and months, until finally a deal was struck and I was headed off to Qatar.


What I am saying is, I had to ‘change things up’ with my expectations about my career path. I never gave up and ultimately it worked out even BETTER than I expected. Like many of you reading this right now, I had dreamed of sitting back and making easy money online  on a daily basis, while working from home.


I looked into various programs with claims of ‘guaranteed money’, ‘work from home’, ‘easy money’, ‘quick cash’ online programs, but after much money, time and effort, the majority I found the majority to be scams. The only ones making money were the “crooks selling you the crap.”


My mission was to find legitimate programs that worked, were free or low-cost and that I could ACTUALLY make LEGITIMATE money online. I was ready and willing on my part to put forth the effort do the work necessary.


That’s when I decided to create this website with the hopes of helping others grow and ‘learn the right way’ avoiding my mistakes and learning through my experience in the world Affiliate and Internet Marketing.


For those of us who are still relevant, vibrant, having extensive job skills & knowledge, ONLY achieved and acquired over many years time. Those of us ingrained with the ‘proper’ work ethic, that also know all about ‘workplace politics,’ social interaction and who:


 ‘Know what to do’ if the computerized and digital world ‘crashes,’ having innate knowledge & skills required to seamlessly revert to the ‘OLD’ manual processes, without loss of expected production or efficiency outcome levels! 

And those individuals who,suddenly find themselves out of work, career gone, or losing your job,’  for NO other reason than, having ‘gone around the sun too many times!’


I have coined this saying in response to this REALITY, “This ain’t your daddy’s job search world anymore!”


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‘WE do the legwork, so YOU don’t have to!’


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To Your Success!

Gregory Roger

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