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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Affiliate Marketing


Before you start Googling affiliate marketing programs, you want to see to it you understand exactly what you’re subscribing for. Too often, many join an affiliate program without really knowing what they’re getting involved in.Or even more frequently than that, they have the mindset that anyone can do it and it requires little work to become successful.


The truth is, it is something anyone can possibly do, and see results with. It takes time and strategy to get to that point. To assist you identify the very best ways to find affiliate marketing success, I’ve outlined some specific Do’s and Don’ts to guide you towards becoming a successful affiliate.


The Affiliate Marketing Do’s

Do Create Compelling Content

One common trait among the majority of successful affiliates? They usually have a steady traffic of people who constantly return to their website. And the main reason that they have heaps of traffic revisiting their site is because they create compelling content their audience can’t get enough of.


As a general best practice, you should always aim to create valuable and engaging content for your visitors– whether it’s an article, video, or email. This assists them to trust you, and shows that you’re a reliable source for information.


When you do that regularly, it becomes a lot easier to start promoting a product or service as component of an affiliate marketing program.The more you can show the value of something, the more you can convince them to check it out for themselves, too


Do Hold Your Horses

When you love a services or product, sometimes it’s hard to keep it to yourself. You want to tell others about it, get them to purchase it, and delight in its awesomeness with you.



Do Collaborate With Your Affiliate Manager to Become Successful

When you join to become an affiliate, chances are you’ll be paired with an affiliate manager who oversees the program. You might also receive a variety of resources that are designed to aid you make referrals and achieve success.



Do Stick to Your Niche

A common mistake affiliate marketers make is attempting to promote way too many product and services in an attempt earn more money, irrespective of regardless if they’ve used it before. This may benefit more established affiliates, but if you’re just beginning, it’s better to concentrate on a few products that pertain to your site and brand.


One common trait among the majority of successful affiliates? They usually have a steady traffic of people who constantly return to their website. And the main reason that they have heaps of traffic revisiting their site is because they create compelling content their audience can’t get enough of.


Focusing on relevant products makes it easier to make quality referrals because there’s a nice overlap between your audience and the product you’re promoting. Instead, you might find a company whose products focus on protein powders, vitamins, workout equipment, etc


Do Place Links in Relevant Locations

You’d be surprised at the number of times I’ve visited a blog post or received an email that gives a glowing endorsement of a product or service, but doesn’t include enough links back to the company’s website.


Sure, the brand’s name is mentioned throughout the content. That brand name is not hyperlinked with an affiliate link; instead, I need to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page or email in order to find a clickable link.


Affiliates should try their best making it easy for their readers to easily navigate to a brand’s site via an affiliate link. The more people click on that link, the better for everyone because…  

  • The more people you relate to a company, the more commissions you can potentially earn, and
  • Those you’re referring will be able to improve their lives somehow with the help of the product you recommend.


Pro Tip: Make certain to link ‘relevant keywords’ throughout an article or email with your affiliate link, as a potential customer might not make it to the end of your blog post to find it.


Don’t Violate the Affiliate Terms of Service

Before signing up for an affiliate program, you’ll probably be required to agree to an affiliate terms of service document. This agreement will lay the guideline for what you can and can’t do when promoting a company.


Affiliates will often bid on an advertiser’s branded keywords on search engines such as Google. If you’re going to partake in this type of activity, ensure it’s OK. This can often increase the brand’s costs in paid search and detract from traffic already headed to their site.


If you elect to violate these terms, you’ll receive an email from the company or affiliate program manager that tells you to stop what you’re doing. If you don’t comply, your commissions might be reversed, or worse, you could be removed from their affiliate program entirely.


Don’t Be ‘Salesy’

Nobody wishes to visit a site that constantly attempts to sell them a service or product. Would you?

Sales aren’t going to come overnight. It could take months of continual testing and promotion in order to reap the benefits of affiliate commission. Even simply finding the most effective places to promote your affiliate link can take a while, and lots of testing.


Don’t Be ‘Spammy’

This ties back to what I wrote earlier about sharing relevant content. If you’re a fitness coach, you want to promote content that’s relevant to your industry like protein powders, equipment, and healthy foods. The moment you stray from that and discuss the most recent cool computer game, the moment your audience begins to see you as spam.


To promote a product without coming across as salesy or spammy, focus on being educational. Telling your readers about your success story with a product or service will be more likely to result in a sale than simply saying it’s the best and everyone should use it.


Many times, being spammy will lead to large amounts of traffic and poor conversion rates. This could also cause companies to become hesitant to team up with you, or perhaps remove you from their program.



To Your Success,

Gregory Roger


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