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What Should A GOOD Affiliate Marketing Company Provide?

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They provide HTML source codes for advertisement links and the cookie tracking capabilities for affiliates to earn the money they deserve. Other services an affiliate marketing company should provide include…..


Features are a fundamental key to success for all parties involved in affiliate marketing. Features provide the key elements that create links for advertisements, provide tracking capabilities and offer the selection of advertisers needed to make an advertisement relevant to its traffic. Many service companies are always working to create more functional and easy to use feature that will increase sales and commissions.

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Reporting Feature
To understand what is working towards your benefit and what is holding you back, affiliate marketing services have created reporting options where users are able to track advertisement effectiveness. Reporting options include not only traffic for specific ads, but also the money you have earned and where it has been generated from. Report content, time frame and format are often large factors for large businesses when choosing a service provider.


Ease of Use
Companies and services need to provide their users with ease-of-use and smooth navigation. Internet users have been trained to expect the tools and services they require to be at their fingertips at any given point in time. Search options, tabs and links all help to create a usable service. We have tested the usability of these websites and found what makes them easy to use and keeps their affiliates coming back again and again.


Search Options
Finding the products you are looking to promote should be quick and easy. Many companies now offer advanced searches that allow users to search in a number of ways. Instead of just searching for products or advertisers, many users also appreciate the search options that allow them to search by commission price, creating more opportunities for them to up raise their commissions in a short time.

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Help and Support
No service or company is ever complete without a great customer help and support program.

Top companies will provide guides for new users, step-by-step tutorials and customer representatives who are able to help you with your account questions and concerns.

Many companies are moving away from offering customer support over the telephone and only offering online help.


Taking all of these talking points cited above, as well as my own personal experiences gained from researching other affiliate marketing programs the Wealthy Affiliate program, hands down beats all the others!


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