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Happy Customers Bring More Customers- Are Your’s Happy?

Are Your Customers Happy?



7-Ways to Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

Make Yourself Easy to Find

Google is today’s version of a phone book. No matter what business you’re in, there’s a good chance you aren’t the only one. Snagging a top spot on the first page of Google and other review sites is the best way to attract people to your business.

Beyond that, you should also list your business with other small directories that can guide people your way.

Once a potential customer reaches you online, you need to be easy to contact. Be sure to respond to inquiries. Enlist one responsible for tracking calls and messages, and directing people to the person who can help the most.


Discover Exactly What’s Expected

It’s never safe to assume that you’ve had a successful conversation. Two people can hear the exact same words and walk away with two very different stories. Don’t leave your customer’s orders up to chance. Instead, always get it in writing.


It helps your business appear more professional, and it gives your customer one last chance to catch any mistakes. Review the points verbally, pointing them out on the page so they can see and hear it. If it’s a product, show it to them. Make sure it’s what they actually want.


Make Payments Simple

There’s nothing more annoying than being primed for a sale, only to realize that you don’t have the right means to pay. Always aim for simplicity. Allow payments to be made online, offer automated payment options, and make PayPal an option. Many people today use PayPal as an almost exclusive means to do business, but many brick-and-mortar companies haven’t picked up on the trend. Stay current on the newest ways to make payments, and you’ll find people appreciate the variety.


Be Open to Adjustments

People change their minds — it’s a fact. Part of delivering exceptional service is being flexible enough to meet their new wants and needs. There should always be room for changes, even with large orders. Be aware that customers might realize they need something slightly different from what they originally ordered. If the product or service hasn’t been delivered yet, allow for adjustments.


Keep in Touch Until Delivery

If there’s any kind of substantial gap between order and delivery of your product or service, keep the customer in the know. Create a system that allows the client to check on their order whenever they want. If they have questions, they should be able to find the person to contact on the same page. This is a simple way to make them feel confident in your business with minimal effort.


Make Sure You’re on Time

It doesn’t matter if you provide a product or a service — timeliness is the cornerstone of good customer service. Waiting too long for food in a restaurant will cause some people to walk out. If you’ve been on the wrong end of a similar situation, you know how frustrating it can be.


The same is true for shipping a product to a customer eagerly awaiting its arrival. In fact, 87% of people would switch to another company if they experienced shipping delays or order problems.


Also, make sure the order is correct. If your food order isn’t right, it’s a bit annoying. If you’ve ordered a few thousand dollars’ worth of equipment and you receive the wrong order, it’s infuriating. Use order numbers to keep everything straight, but always perform a final check before shipment.


Check in a Few Times

Aim to check in at least two or three times after the product has been delivered or the service has been completed. The first check in should ensure there are no obvious problems like missing equipment. Subsequent check-ins give you a chance to evaluate long-term success and ask for feedback.


People want to feel like their time, money and order are important. They want to feel valued. If you can provide that feeling, you’re likely to enjoy a long and mutually beneficial relationship with your customer.


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