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Why Fret Over Building Your FIRST Website?

You Don’t Need to….


You are just steps away from realizing your dreams of how to make money on a website, created and designed for FREE,  making money by working online with your own home business . You have an idea, now what?


You want to be online with your own personal website, but you have never built a website before and really don’t have a clue where to begin, just like I didn’t know WHAT to do first, let alone next.


I tried other EASY website building tools, wasted a lot of money and got nothing in return. I didn’t know where to turn and frankly I was ‘fed up and ready to just quit’ and forget my dreams all together.


When I first researched Wealthy Affiliates, the one aspect that first caught my attention was ability to learn how to make a website online for FREE with free hosting, just for signing up. I wasn’t required to pay for anything or pressured to buy on anything else.


It was truly a FREE website building WordPress template program called SiteRubix. I had 12 different multi-purpose themes that I could choose from to begin building my website and with the program I am able to save my content and just switch to another theme style and my content populates automatically! It’s really cool.


This website building tool is only a small part of the Wealthy AffiliateSiteRubix logo_inverted University community, with online classrooms, video tutorials, live chats, 24/7 online support and the BEST part of being involved with WA, is the ‘Community’ aspect.


Everyone is encouraged to help each other, you actually get rewarded for helping others within the community.


After you build a website online for FREE, the key to begin to make money online is the ability to drive traffic  to your website. There are various methods available to accomplish that goal.


I will be discussing and comparing these methods in other pages and posts on this website, as well as providing guidelines and tips to help guide you through the maze called Affiliate Marketing.

Watch the VIDEO BELOW on how build a website online for free using the SiteRubix® tool included when you sign up and create your account.



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Have you got a great product or service, plus an effective website that’s professional and attractive, but you still can’t generate the sales volume you know should be yours? If so, then your business is probably missing the one element that’s at the foundation of ALL successful websites: TRAFFIC!

But what can you do to get your website on the cyber-map? Don’t waste time and effort on fly-by-night schemes to bring visitors to your site.


Depending upon your needs, you can choose any amount of highly targeted visitors who will be directed to your site easily and effectively, with less effort (and cost) than you ever imagined.