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Making Money With Paid $urveys

How To Make Money With Paid $urveys


If You’ve Got $ome $pare Time and You’d Like to Make $ome Money Without Much Work, Online $urveys Are Just the Thing For you.

Be Realistic

With a computer and a little advice, you’ll be all set to make some extra cash for you and your family.

You first have to realize that when you take online surveys, you won’t be paid thousands of dollars. In fact, the people that do take online surveys regularly will usually say that the best way to make more money is to take more surveys.

You’ll need to sign up for a few different online survey sites in order to have a constant stream of surveys to complete. I also suggest that you set up a completely NEW email account.

Gmail works just fine and is easy to set up. The reason? You will be ‘bombarded’ with emails after signing up on the various survey sites.

I also recommend using a ‘password login saver’ and “form fill” application, such as RoboForm to remember the tons of passwords and login information that you will be creating for each survey site you register and sign up with. Otherwise, you will lose your mind trying to remember all of your login details. TRUST ME!!


Watching Out for Scams

When you do see ads to take online surveys that supposedly pay thousands of dollars, you can be certain that these aren’t legitimate claims.

a-surveys_no_scams_Picture1In order to make money with online surveys, you will need to file your information with reputable companies.

These are easy to find by looking for the company information to see if they give you ways to contact them. Those companies that seem to be hiding from you usually have a reason.

And if the company tells you that you need to pay money in order to make money, then go to another web site. You shouldn’t have to pay to earn extra money.



Market Research

One of the best ways to make some extra money or earn some free products is to participate in market research surveys. These tend to come from the big name companies that want to know what their customers think. You’ll answer questions about their products and give suggestions about ways that they could improve.


In many cases, you can be rewarded with free products or cash payments. One of the ones I am a member of is P&K Research out of Chicago and New York.


You also earn $5.00 for each new person that signs up and mentions your name as the referring individual. They pay CA$H on the spot after completing your product testing.



Focus Groups

Another way to make money online is to become a part of a focus group. This is an invitation from a company to sit with other customers and discuss a particular product or service.


You can also do these online in the form of chat rooms and message group yearbook picturesboards.
You are usually compensated for the time or the amount of information that you give to the company about the product.


Following the Rules

The most simple advice to make money for doing online surveys is to make sure that you’re completing the surveys in their entirety as well as giving your correct contact information.


What many people don’t realize is that you may need to confirm your email address before you will receive new surveys to do. Check your email after you first register with an online survey web site to see if there are any other steps that you need to follow. This is why is suggest creating a ‘new email address,’ as discussed above.


And check your junk email box too, as this important email may have landed in there.


Online surveys are a great way to make a little extra money when you have a little extra time on your hands. And you don’t have to get dressed up to do it.


The Truth About Paid Surveys

You may have been enticed in many of the emails for taking part in surveys. Surveys are conducted for collecting your precious opinion about a product or a company or a brand. Opinions of many people when analyzed create an understanding about that product or brand or company.


Online paid surveys is a recent introduction to the art and science of surveys. Surveys have existed for almost 100 years in its scientific form as it exists today. Paid forms of survey has become popular because of two major reasons – people get bugged with traditional paper pencil survey at home and secondly, participating in an online survey is easy and non-interfering.


Companies pay for participating in a survey – this is to increase the number of people taking part in the survey, who otherwise may skip to avoid. As discussed above, you are compensated in a paid survey in different ways by various survey conducting agencies – you may be paid cash (or check) or perhaps through PayPal.


Some agencies don’t pay cash, but offer you points. These points can be converted into gifts or certificates. There are various levels of gifts and certificates against the number of points accumulated by the survey participant.


The money that you can make by participating is a survey can never be enough to support your family. Don’t be misguided by this reality of life. While theoretically it is not impossible, data suggests that you can just about make enough money to make those extra payments or buy that extra something in your life.


The number of surveys that can be taken by you in a month or year depends on your demographic, geographic and psychographics profile. You should fit into the qualifying criteria definition of the participants for a particular survey.


While the agency may have one survey running per day, you certainly will not fir into all of them. This restricts you to not more than 5-10 surveys per month.


There are few things to be kept in mind while trying to get into the world of paid survey participation. Don’t ever pay a single dollar for participating in a survey.


No research agency will charge you a cent for participating. Better is to research the web for the sites for paid surveys, get yourself registered with the information and expect the surveys to be sent to you over a period of time.


Paid surveys online can be an exciting and fun way to earn a little extra cash. There are literally hundreds of websites that are willing to let you give them your views and opinions by answering their questions, and will pay you for doing so.


-Talk Soon

Gregory Roger

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