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Initial Questions You Should Ask About An Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Marketing Is A Fantastic Way To Make Money!

However, An Efficiently Managed Affiliate Marketing ‘Business’ Can Provide For Your Total Living Expenses Online!

Affiliate Marketing is relatively economical and quick to get started, since you DON’T have to FIRST produce the products or solutions, you’re planning to promote.


Some companies have items or solutions that typically aren’t very good or do not market well. Others run out of cash and you don’t get paid or the company shuts it’s doors. Either way you’re screwed!


If you have a website within a specific niche and which you’re already generating income, make sure your associate/affiliate promotions are consistent with the demographics of that niche.  A site offering tulip horticulture advice and products, should not run associate advertisements for auto parts! Make sense?


So, when you’re looking for items to promote be sure to find out the specifics as to what ‘expectations are required of you’  by the company or vendor whose product you want to market for them. If the item isn’t all that great and you decide to promote it anyway, you’ll lose not only the TRUST and CREDIBILITY of your customers, but you probably won’t make much money either. And, that ain’t good for you!


Does The Business Website Appear Professional? 

The website sales page doesn’t have to be packed full of the latest gadgets or bells & whistles, however it must be setup & arranged in a clear and concise layout, tastefully colorful, easy to read and easy to navigate for the user. The CTA’s should be prominently displayed, with a clear intent, so as not to be misinterpreted by the potential customer.  


Research to make sure the services or products being offered are valued appropriately. Ask yourself, IF you would pay the price being asked?  Would you buy it? If you’re not that thrilled with the product to buy it, you probably will have a tough time selling it to others!


Does The Program Offer Great Customer Support? 

If customers can’t get help or support from the business, it’s NOT unusual for the customer to go to the affiliate they purchased the product offer through, YOU!  


The responsibility to obtain the help the customer seeks then falls DIRECTLY on your shoulders! Should they not receive the assistance they require, your credibility and reputation are on the line and could be ruined, given that YOU referred them.


Does The Program Provide Affiliates With Tools & Resources?

You certainly could come up with advertising and marketing materials on your own, but you’ll reach success much faster if the associate program has the resources readily available for your use in marketing THEIR products.


We always provide resource materials for all affiliates, that have signed up for our Affiliate Program, to use when promoting our products. In fact, we have a dedicated Affiliate Program website, where ALL resources (banners, graphics, videos, autoresponder emails, free reports, keyword lists, etc) for ALL of our products found in ONE place.


We want Our Products  (reputation, credibility, trust, brand) controlled in the way we have represented and worked hard to convey to our customers, to REMAIN intact. Not ruined by some idiot mis-representing our products in a bad light screwing everything up!


Have You Evaluated The Product or Services?

It could become costly to purchase every little thing you intend to advertise, yet having individual experience permits you speak with authority and integrity concerning the services or product.


Some associate programs will allow you to examine the product or provide you with a demo sample, so you’re not always buying products ahead of time. So, I always ASK if they will provide me with a demo product or at least let me evaluate it first.


What Are the Rules of the Associate Contract? 

Lots of programs have constraints, as well as policies, you’re required to follow. For example, if PPC advertisements are component of your advertising strategy, that might be an issue. Others have rules addressing to email marketing, when a conversion occurs or how long your cookies are valid.


Numerous associate programs provide affiliates with real-time statistics, so if the customer comes back at a later date and purchases the item, you still obtain credit to get paid.


Know What The Affiliate Programs Are Paying You To Do!

Associate Programs differ in what you are getting paid to accomplish for them. You need to be clear in what you are being tasked to accomplish, so that you will be paid accordingly.

It seems simple, but I can’t tell you how many sob stories I have heard from people that didn’t ask this ‘SIMPLE’ question! When you get paid, could depend on whether or not there is a limit or threshold– ‘a quantity or level you’re required reach prior to  payment being made.


I’m commonly stunned, when I locate an associate program that has absolutely nothing but a web link for associates to utilize when marketing the companies product or solution.


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