‘Lead Quality’ — The Reason Why New Affiliates Fail

Why Lead Quality is So Important

You are in affiliate marketing to make your thousands of dollars per day. End of story? For most affiliates it is the end of story and the end of their short career if they overlook the lead quality. I won’t go into detail what lead quality is, you can read that for yourself but let me tell you that aspiring affiliates almost always get this wrong and it can hurt their business more than they realize.affiliate-marketing mountain image

Why is ‘lead quality’ so important? Because it is the fundamental principle which keeps the relationship between you and the merchant healthy. The story does not end with you making a quick buck. It’s more about a business model and you should realize that. If you want to make a quick buck you could try to scam people, but please don’t try it in affiliate marketing. In this industry, the only ones to survive are those affiliates that realize they are operating a business and that they must do everything they can to construct a win-win-situation for all stakeholders.

Strategies to implement lead quality

Focus on quality traffic first, not making millions—initially. Especially if you are running new offers. You should always pick banner displays on high quality sites on the top tier sites, not on unknown crappy sources. Chances of conversions on a unknown traffic source is questionable at best and you should try to pre-sell the visitor before they hit the landing page. Initially, buy the best traffic you can afford and have access to.free

If you are serious about lead quality, have a proper ad copy and segment banners on your landing pages. Avoid using FREE on Banners of your landing pages just get a visitor to click. You won’t. And even if you get them to click you won’t have them in the state-of-mind to eventually use their credit card. Don’t blow that for you. You want them to become paying customers, not just leads to have the ‘quality high,’ and hence become a ‘high-quality’ affiliate. The more sign ups generated from your leads, the more quality your traffic is going to look and be for you, but especially for the merchant. Your goal is to make money, but to make a huge amount of money you need to run a business. You must also think about your business partners that pay you, as they assume that eventually all those generated leads will turn into paying customers for them.

You want to use realistic images on your banners and landing pages. Don’t use Playboy models, obviously. Everyone and their dog know that more likely than not they won’t be actual members on your crappy dating site. If you bring up a believable image of a girl that could actually be a member of the site you want your visitor to sign up your visitors will be pre-sold and you will have them in the right state of mind to become a paying customer. This is what you want in the long run.China image Brian

Segmenting the visitors in age groups works wonders. It works because the older the person is, the higher the accompanying quality, as the chance of converting into a paying customer is higher. If your demographics is older: good for you. if it is younger send them elsewhere, at least initially. Finally, make sure to enter your Source ID, affiliate ID or other tracking source code for the merchant, so that they can see which source is performing well. That will allow you to get paid for the traffic (customers) you send the merchant that buy (convert) the items being sold.

Lastly, you should be able to generate lead volume consistently on a daily basis. Don’t send 50 leads for three days and then nothing for the rest of the week. Being sporadic is a way to loose, being consistent the way to win. Be consistent and have a consistent data sample to work with. Also, provide data samples consistently over a duration of time for the merchant and let them see trends. Failing to do so can get you paused or optimized from the offer. Give it two weeks or so and don’t jump the gun. Instead you should limit your campaign adjustment in the beginning stages to avoid ending up with mixed data or a unrepresentative data sample.

Implications of implementing lead quality

Sure enough, you may loose in paying for quality traffic at first, but likewise you may get into a very profitable position. If you get those quality leads in the first place, you can test different sites and maybe some text ads, video and other types of ads that may be cheaper for you, thereby increasing your return on investment (ROI). Its a long term business, keep that in mind. You can make a million bucks, so why would you want to ruin it with low quality traffic and earning peanuts?

In the end however, the most overlooked fact is that working on positive lead quality will allow you to access private and exclusive offers from your network. Of course only those quality affiliates will get such offers. Keep in mind that in general people who generate quality leads get priority over others in the network.

Go ahead and see what you can do and use these strategies to implement some ‘lead quality’ in your campaigns. It will do tremendous good for your business!

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