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Product Creator PRO | Is This The Future?

Could This Be The Future Of Digital Book Design?

There’s No Question, eBook Design Is An Expensive Game…


You’ll need $699 for Adobe’s Photoshop, so you can design your front cover.

Then you’ll need $699 for Adobe’s InDesign, so you can design your inner pages to a professional standard.

Or you could go with Apple Pages, assuming you already own a $1,000 MacBook Air.

And of course, I’m assuming you have a creative flair, know what works, and have a solid grasp on how to use all these tools, right?

No? Well, you could always call in the experts instead…


For example, you could use Amazon’s Createspace service, which will cost you $379 for the first 10 pages of your document alone, plus a separate $949 bill for a single front cover design.

Or you could do what the rest of the self-publishing world do, and hire a freelancer at an average of $45 per hour (and you can bet your bottom dollar that your eBook will take at least 4-5 full days to complete, thus piling on the costs.)

Clearly, it’s not easy, or cheap.

But you’re probably wondering 

Is design that important anyway?

Well, consider this…


According to the Wall Street Journal, the large book store chain Borders tested merchandising more books with the covers of the books facing-out and sales increased 19%.

There’s a reason why magazines, books, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, and all other media has a well designed cover and inner contents… because that’s what sells.

It’s not just your eBook or report cover that matters. Your inner pages need a professional look, layout and feel too.

This is why magazines spend millions on inner page design; the better your content looks, feels and reads, the more people will actually consume it, and want more from you.

Many people will tell you design isn’t as important as content, but they’re lying to you, or they’re guessing. Either way, they are hurting your business, if you’ve been following such advice.


It’s Common Sense Really


You wouldn’t eat at a restaurant that had greasy haired staff, dirty menus and broken windows, would you?

You wouldn’t buy a cell phone that was a square brick shape with a tiny screen, would you?

It’s the same with your content; people won’t even get past page 1 if it looks like crap.

So if design is so important, but also so expensive, what’s the solution?

I was recently invited to test drive a new publishing web app design tool called ProductCreatorPro

This tool allows you to drag and drop your raw, unformatted Word documents into a box, and out pops a beautifully designed book, report or newsletter in seconds.


The Process Is Actually Very Simple,

Considering the Complex Task of eBook Design Today.


You just go through a several steps, which allow you to select what type of document you’re creating, what the front cover should look like, how the pages should look, and other variables such as author bios and header/footer content for the pages.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you drop your actual raw Word document into the tool, tweak any content if you need to, then hit the publish button.

The Process is Seamless, I Have to Admit


A free account lets you play with the basic options, but you’ll be limited to the amount of times you can publish documents per month, along with some cool features (such as Kindle formatting and additional templates, etc) being unavailable.

Even the premium level users get a good deal though. Considering the usual costs of designing such elegant,  visually appealing documents yourself (or outsourcing the work) it’s easy to see why this is a smart investment for anyone who is publishing several books, reports or newsletters per year.

Well Worth a Look, in My Opinion


To Your Success!

Gregory Roger

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