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Using the Wealthy Affiliate Social Community

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Using the Wealthy Affiliate Social Community


Wealthy Affiliate is a prime example of a social community and one that you can utilize to ‘naturally’ earn revenue with your day to day activities here within the community. There are several things that you can do here within the community ‘socially’ that are highly beneficial.


Four Ways to Socially Engage at Wealthy Affiliate


You Can Create Your Own Network of Friends or Followers

The more followers you have, the more reach you have. If you are active within the community and engage in discussion regularly, your following will continue to grow. ENGAGE.


Help People Via Chat and Comments

This helps lead to credibility and it leads to people helping you back. The ‘pay it forward approach always ends paying it back and is something the community here at Wealthy Affiliate stands for. WE truly are a community!

Helping others leads to friendships, brand, a network of friends you can build business relationships with and rely on, and a community that is on your side if you ever need any help.


You Can Create Content

All content that you create here (blog posts, training resources, discussion, videos) can and will get indexed in Google. When this content gets indexed in the search engines, you will get credit for all the referrals that are generated through it.

Any referral that comes via YOUR content, even without your affiliate link attached, is still fully credited to you. Be a regular ‘creator’ of content here at WA, and reap the benefits!


Share Content

Someone write a post that is interesting to you? You comment on it? If so, why not invite others to engage in the content as well. By sharing content that you are interested in, you can earn credit. Every post, video, tutorial or course here within the community has a share button.You should make an effort to share content and do so regularly. It is only of benefit to you and it could lead to a sizeable and for some, a FULL TIME INCOME.


camera-watch here-187x149pxWatch a short video walking you through the ‘process of sharing content’ at Wealthy Affiliate


Just know that you cannot PROMOTE stuff here at WA within your WA content. Don’t spam, don’t promote. It is a definite NO, NO and fellow members don’t appreciate it.


Ambassadorship Program

This is a program designed to reward those that take an active, Ambassadorship role here at Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t have to be an expert at Internet Marketing to be an Ambassador.

You simply have to be a social presence here within the community, take part in active discussions, create discussions, create training, and help others out. The true definition of an ambassador within the community. To learn more, click the button below.



As you Pay It Forward, we pay it forward as well. As the system evolves there will continue to be more and more benefits to being an Ambassador outside of your status within the community.


You truly can make a difference

-Talk Soon

Gregory Roger 

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