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Video Marketing Ain’t Going Away Anytime Soon!

Is Video Dead?

A number of my friends, colleagues and business associates barely read physical books or even printed material anymore.

I was totally blown away several months ago, when my 13 year-old great nephew stumbled upon a NEWSPAPER while doing his homework. He paused, pondered a moment. With a totally bewildered, puzzled and perplexed look on still his face, he proceeded to ask me a bunch of ‘real, genuine’ questions related to newspapers..

Apparently, he had never encountered a newspaper before and was oblivious to their existence!’ In the beginning, I thought he was playing a joke on me. I couldn’t imagine that ANYBODY today, especially a 13 year-old teenager, wouldn’t ‘have the first clue’ about newspapers … I was dumbfounded, my jaw just dropped! True story.


One of my brothers prefers to watch a documentary video about a topic of his interest than read a book or an article about it. He says he is more of a visual person, and that he can receive all the information he requires about a subject within an hour, instead of reading a book about it that could take a few days depending upon its length.


There has been a great deal of debate about whether print will become obsolete. A survey conducted by Pew Research 2016 found that half of American adults now own a tablet e-reader. When Amazon Kindle launched 10 years ago, the idea was revolutionary. Environment activists and tree lovers applauded it as that would mean more trees would be spared.


My mentor is a fan of the digital device, as he travels a lot and loves to travel light. “But if I like a book or a movie based on a book, I make sure to buy a paper copy to add it to my library,” he says.


With the enhancement of digital devices and platforms, what does that mean for marketing? Will video be the dominant marketing tool? You bet.


YouTube receives over 1 million unique visitors every month, which is more than all other social media channel. Cisco, a leading American networking solution provider, published a study that predicted that in two years, 80% of internet traffic will be online video, including everything from short social network sites videos, YouTube videos, and internet-to-TV videos.


Just three years ago, that figure was 64%!


That is not surprising. From personal work experience, I have also found from my marketing and branding consultancy that including a video in a social media marketing campaign is one of the best tools to achieve our message out there.Social Logo collage 300x300px


A number of Instagram’s influencers have also started YouTube channels where they document their lives or discuss a topic of interest. It does not stop only at influencers; many users have also started travel channels, or enjoy documenting their daily lives and sharing it with the world, as when it comes to two of my teenage nephews.


SnapChat is just one of the tools that is making the job more simple with its easy to add filters and video upload. The fact that the video will be deleted in 1 Day, some of SnapChat’s perks, has also encouraged many to upload silly videos that they know would not inhabit the internet forever and nor would they want them to.


But to predict whether video content will make written content video and obsolete become dominant is difficult, as much research online reveals.



Although eBooks and videos are increasing in popularity, physical books have become popular again. The hashtag on Instagram – # bookstagram, as an example, – is gaining a growing following, where users share beautiful covers of books.


Penguin has republished classic books with a new artistic look, which have been very trendy mainly thanks to their own beautifully designed covers and how they have been marketed as collectibles.Two of my friends huge fans and are always in search of new, special editions by publishing houses, which they can contribute to their library, and decorate their social media sites feed with.


Still, as you market your brand, and especially if you are active on social networks or if you intend to raise awareness about your brand through its many channels, discounting video as a marketing tool is a huge mistake.


camera black-grey 470x375pxVideo is not only more instantly engaging, especially for those on the go, it is also easy to share, via WhatsApp as an example, or other messenger tools. WhatsApp messages are mainly delivered in video format. People are also very visual, and like concise information especially when it is consumed online.


As mentioning by Global Media Insight, the top active social chat apps and messengers in Saudi Arabia, for instance, are WhatsApp, followed by Facebook messenger and Skype.


Additionally the kingdom has the highest penetration of Twitter users on the planet. The per capita consumption of YouTube is also the highest in the world.


 Video Marketing will NOT go away anytime soon!

The availability of different video sharing platforms
has made it easier than ever to share your story.


If your business isn’t taking advantage of this phenomenon to maximize your marketing efforts, you still have time to get on board this non-stop freight train and keep your business, at the very least on par for now with your competitors, then do Video Marketing BETTER in your campaigns to surpass your competition and rise to the next level..


That’s where WE come in and save the day for you and your business! If you’re stuck, do not know ‘what to undertake, where to start or just have questions,’ MMDOmarketing Group Agency are here to assist you.


Get Started Today!

It’s simple. All you will need to do in order to get started is submit a short Questionnaire, with quick, simple dropdown choice answers telling us what sort of video you want. Paste this link and copy into your browser, if the link above isn’t working for you: https://mmdomarketing.com/biz-mktg-srvs/questionnaire.


After submission, we will review your questionnaire and contact you to put together your initial 30-minute complimentary follow-up consultation meeting, where we will answer your questions, get clarifications and are prepared to discuss the information extracted from your questionnaire to formulate our initial thoughts, ideas for your video marketing campaign.


Additionally, we generally are prepared to show you a few different demo videos created for your business/niche to assist get this train rolling right from the gate, thus saving everybody resources!


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