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Video Marketing Basics – Part 1

Strategies, You Need to Include in Your Video Marketing Campaign

(Part 1 of 5)


Businesses and marketers include videos in their promotional campaign to gain, persuade and amuse their customer in a precise way that text can never do. Online videos are also growing their significance rapidly and the brands that fail to include videos in their online marketing campaign are promptly being ignored by most of audience.

To get maximum results with your videos, here are some strategies that can work effectively to reach your audience.


Quality Content:

Content plays a crucial role to make your video outstanding and impressive. Pay attention on the following content tips to create a dominant video to engage more users and increase SEO ranking.


  • Resolve the problem with informative content:

The content of your video should be new, appealing and optimized for SEO for better ranking in search engines. You also need to focus on the problems of your audience and try to resolve that with your video content.


  • Create user friendly video:Content is King new 250x182px

Always create a video content that is easily searchable, linkable and shareable, so your audience can find your video and look at the content. You can create individual landing page for each video instead of adding several video in a single web page.


  • Use interactive elements

Being connected with audience is really important, you can include link, surveys, forums and show them some really important information to engage you audience and motivate them to perform a desired actions.


Highlight video titles and types:

After finalizing your video content, you need to work on the types of videos to tell stories and show your video content. Look for questions that your audience is asking and answer the queries with your comprehensive how-to content.

How-to video content will improve your SEO rankings and increase engagement towards the video. Video can be recorded as webinars, informative how-to videos, interviews, product demonstration, customer testimonies and case studies etc.





Creating a great video to engage your audience can take a lot of time and strength, so, you need to ensure that your video is correctly optimized for search. An admissible and optimized video can increase the traffic volume toward your website for a long time.


  • Allow Embedding:

Embedding allows viewers to share, link and embed your video on their web pages. This will increase discloser and boost the number of inbound links to your website which is the biggest benefit of doing SEO.

  • Use Keywords

At the time of making videos, you need to pay attention on keywords that you are targeting to optimize them in your transcripts and title. Using keywords boost the chances of getting traffic from the search engine searches.

  • Create Appealing Titles

Title your video with some impressive, informative and attention grabbing titles. These kind of titles can increase engagement and traffic to your video content.


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