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Video Marketing With Social Media – Part 2

 Video Marketing With Social Media

[Part 2 of 5]


At present, video is one of the most crucial marketing strategies in content marketing. Additionally, social media marketing strategy is also important in connecting with your customers and building relationships. Combining video content with social media can maximize the overall result of your video marketing campaign.

A video content can be shared on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and other social media platforms. You can tell stories, share testimonies, product reviews, demonstration, and much more to make aware your audience about your business.


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Youtube copy417x417pxBillion of people watch videos on YouTube daily. Every business and markers need to advertise their brand to attain their business goals and improve the sales potential of your customers.

YouTube assists you to stand out among the competitive environment. It also helps you to get more prospective audience towards your website.You can create demonstration videos, how-to-video, informative videos and series videos to educate your customers.

YouTube video content can be used on your website and promotional video ads; you can determine a raise in ad recall. Most of advertising methods cost you a lot of money, but YouTube is completely free. You can upload videos without spending money.

Once you upload a video on YouTube, it is available on the internet 24 X 7. Audiences can access it anytime, which can boost the videos visibility. It also boosts your rankings in search engines and increases your customer base across the world.



Facebook copy 417x417pxFacebook
is the most popular social networking site that enables you to connect with your customers and build a strong relationship. You can advertise your business using Facebook via uploading your marketing content and video on Facebook.

A Facebook fan page can also assist with staying  in the touch and engagement with your audience. By sharing your video content, you can inspire, educate, demonstrate and entertain your audience.

A “Watch Video” button can also grab the attention of your audience and boost your videos view. You can create a playlist and upload series of videos. If audiences like your video, they share the videos among their social network which provide exposure to your business.



Twitter_1 copy 417x417px

Twitter is also a great social marketing tool that helps businesses to grow their customer base via updating tweet on your profile. Video increase the organic search result of a business in search pages. You can take advantage of Twitter Video Search Engine Optimization.

A Twitter video can double down your visibility in search engine results. You can create twitter video of real time news. Look for the Twitter marketing blogs to get idea about optimizing Twitter in your video marketing campaign.


Google +

Google+ copy417x417px


Google+ is also a great social marketing tool that helps businesses to grow their customer base via updating your Google accounts on your profile. The cross- interconnectivity  among all your various Google accounts facilitates posting and sharing  of your content, videos, events and more.


This encourages reader engagement, thus helping to increase the organic search result of a business in search pages. You can take advantage of the Google family of products, in a one-stop-shop concept making use of Google’s massive reach.


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