What IS the Definition of Affiliate Marketing

Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing for Beginners?


I KNOW that Affiliate Marketing for a Beginner can be  confusing at times…

Let’s try to end SOME of this confusion right here!

I assume that you are both, new to Affiliate Marketing and new to this site. I’m fully aware that this site will attract some people who are desperately searching for a guide, a blueprint or something that gets them started in affiliate marketing.

Additionally, most Newbies don’t even have an idea what Affiliate Marketing is, but still want to make online income. I remember that I didn’t have a clue. Well, if you are, read on, ask questions, let me explain without much fuss.

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How does affiliate marketing work?

An affiliate marketer may buy traffic to generate sales for other people, one who gets paid for delivering clear-cut results, i.e. sales or leads. By common definition affiliates do not own a product themselves, but rather act as a salesman or middle-man. Whatever you like more.


It boils down to be a commission-based model. In fact, there are many types of actions you can get paid for. Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) would be one example where you refer visitors to a product or service.



A Pay-Per-Sale would be another instance where money would go straight to your pocket, i.e. when a visitor purchases a product or service from your sponsor. Heck, you can even get paid for making your visitors install an app on their phones or desktops.


So what does that mean for you?

Typically, you are well-advised to sign-up with an affiliate network to keep things in a place. There are many affiliate networks available, such as Wealthy Affiliate, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, MaxBounty, Amazon, eBay, Paydot and more.

You may not be aware, but many if not most of Fortune 500 companies have their own affiliate marketing programs. When you really have delivered some proven results, you might as well contact the company affiliate program manager to negotiate a DIRECT deal, cutting out the middleman.

As you might imagine, this type of transparency coupled with greater earnings potential, attracts thousands of new aspiring enthusiasts who want to step into this type of Affiliate Marketing opportunity.


Paid vs. Free Traffic 

The model itself is quite easy, but more demanding for Affiliate Marketing beginners, is the age-old question: “How am I supposed to get those leads/sales/installs?”

Well, either you have decent stream of visitors, maybe because you have a blog, a YouTube channel, Facebook fan page or a get-quick-trafficboard, but more likely you are starting from scratch and don’t even have a domain registered.

Of course free traffic appears at first to be the cheaper of both, but the watch-out. There is always the factor of opportunity costs involved and these costs are actually rising marginally for every steady dollar you earn more.

But there is even a bigger catch to it. It’s hardly ever possible to scale free traffic in a reliable and predictable manner. Not a foundation I would build my house on. Even worse: Think for a second about free organic traffic.

If you are one of the lucky guys having a front seat in the top listings of Google and this is your only traffic source you should be very scared. In fact, you are a fool if you are giving Google the keys to your business and being at the mercy of Google. You don’t want to meet Panda and Penguin or any following random animals, trust me.


This means that the game is risky and you can lose some money first. It’s not surprising that for the mainstream part of the affiliate marketing, free traffic blogs are more appealing and our method is not. However, I can assure you that this is the definite way to pocket your first affiliate earnings.

So what paid traffic then any better? At least I can answer for myself and virtually every other serious affiliate I met that it is. I currently concentrate on several form of traffic to not put all my eggs in one basket.

There was a time when I started out that I did concentrate and rely on paid traffic to increase website traffic flow and played the percentages and also used common logic . It goes something like this:

> You discover with your fabulous intuition that there will be an increasing demand for an astonishing product in the market in near future.

You affiliate to the sponsor of this product on a PPS basis and negotiate $100 per sale

> You put together a brilliant landing page to promote that fantastic product and demonstrate why it is a must-have

> You buy traffic from Google AdWords to catapult your site to the top of page ONE Google

> You check your statistics and discover that on average it costs you $50 to make a sale which     brings you $100.

> You invest a decent chunk of cash and scale it until it is saturated

> You repeat the process for the next product. Sometimes referred to in laundry or shampoo         terms, “wash-rinse-repeat”

theme-Google Adwords logo 350x154


You should immediately notice that this model is infinitely scalable. Jackpot. But don’t get fooled, if your execution is not carefully planned and tested you will lose both—time and money.

And there is a learning curve to it, admittedly. You need to fail to succeed. Make no mistake in believing others did not fail. They failed often and many quit. But the best fought the battle and tried their best at this battle and finally reached their goal and with it immense abundance and wealth.

In order to succeed you need to have an intuition for which products are going to trend in near future and which customers are going to go after that particular product. You must understand their behavior and the target demographic of the average customer.


Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners

Let’s make one thing clear: You absolutely need to know exactly in which industry you want to play. Unless you are starting, don’t try and focus on more than two industries. You won’t make it.

Always keep in your mind that what is the most important thing for your career as an affiliate marketer: to discover, master and dominate. You must discover, master and dominate a market where you exactly know that people are spending with crazy predictability and you are virtually set. But what then?

Believe in Yourself

Well, you should by now know whether you want to rely on free or paid traffic which traffic source to pick to reach your target audience.

Answering these questions will not make money appear from no-where, it is merely the first of many steps which you have to take to really succeed. I am not talking about making $100 or $1k per day. While this might be a decent starting income your aim should be much higher. But realistically, $100 bucks isn’t a bad day’s work online when the whole process is on autopilot after all  setup and running properly.

Go for the sky!  Don’t dream your dreams but achieve them.

After reading this post my hope is that you might know a little bit more about Affiliate Marketing than you did before reading this post. Enjoy, learn, focus and follow your instincts and keep coming back to learn more.

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